Horse cremation

At Airdrie Pet Cremations we understand the strain and upset of losing your horse or pony. It are often a really difficult and confusing time that can’t be predicted, and that we will treat you and your horse or pony with the utmost care.

Why choose Airdrie Pet Cremations for your horse?

We are the sole Cremation company in Airdrie to specialize in bespoke, individual, equine cremations tailored to your needs. Your horse or pony are going to be collected by our specially designed horse ambulance. Slipmats are always used for equine collections as this provides your horse or pony a really dignified and peaceful departure.
Horse cremation offers a dignified farewell to beloved equine companions. Through this process, the horse’s body is respectfully transformed into ashes and bone fragments. Owners can choose personalized tributes, such as custom urns or memorial gardens, to honor their horse’s memory. It provides a meaningful way to keep a part of them close and celebrate the bond shared. In essence, horse cremation serves as a fitting tribute to the majesty and companionship of these remarkable animals.

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